Juegos del Casino is one of Spain’s leading gambling portals with a ton of tips for newcomers as well as experienced casino players. They offer a large selection of guides, where players can learn how to improve their game and get better results in the online casinos they play at. In their review section you will find good overviews over some of the leading brands on the Spanish casino market, such as, Titanbet and many more. If you are a Spanish player looking to learn more about gambling, Juegos del Casino is definitely a good place to start. You will find a ton of useful information at Casinozx, which is a gaming portal that focuses on the Spanish market as well as the Latin American and European market. Reviewing over 40 casinos, every player is sure to find a casino that suits them well. They offer detailed reviews over some of the world’s most popular online casinos, which will make it easy for you to compare and decide which one to go for. They also offer several guides to casino gaming, with everything from basic tips to beginners as well as advanced strategy guides for advanced players. To top it off, they can also offer special bonus promotions with some of the leading brands on the market, like Betmotion or Royal Vegas Casino. As one of the better looking portals for online gambling I have seen to date, I can definitely recommend Eurogambler, which has become popular since its start in 2012. The website is easy to use and you can quickly gain the information you need about a certain casinos. The reviewed casinos on the site cover most of the popular brands in Spain and Latin America, and the site come in separate versions for the different regions it is focused on, something I find very convenient. One of the biggest perks you will get is that you can get extra large bonuses with certain casinos, like NetBet and Lbapuestas. Covering both the United Kingdom, Sweden and all of Latin America, is one of the largest casino portals out there, and makes for a great starting platform for players from around the world. The website is conveniently available in three language versions, one for each region. They have reviewed a massive amount of online casinos, all laid out in an easily understandable way. The casinos are scored based on a number of criteria, such as usability, customer support, bonuses and game software. is definitely a great place to start if you are looking for good bonuses at places like Betsafe or MrGreen! Jugar Online has for a long time been one of the most informative casino review websites on the Latin American market, which is something you realize when you first visit them and see the large selection of reviews they have made since they started. You will find great deals on major brands on the casino market including Euromania, Casino 770, Roxy Palace as well as other well known casinos. What makes it even better is that they also offer guides on various casino strategies as well as articles and explanations on several popular casino games, making it the ideal place for a beginner to start his or her casino journey! This website is a great resource for players residing in Latin America. The casinos listed on this website are all available in Spanish, and so is the Tragamonedas website itself. In the vast selection of reviews, you will find popular casino brands like Casino Solera and Casino Tropez, which both have become extremely popular amongst Latin American players in the past few years. I also suggest that you browse through their strategy guides, as they are quite informative and teaches you ways to make more money off your gaming. All in all, it provides pretty much everything you need to know about casino gaming. is a website that is mainly focused on the argentinian Quiniela, which is a national lottery with millions in prizes. If you are an Argentinean gambler, this is a great way to learn about lottery and other similar games. However, it’s provides value to players from all over Latin America by offering a large set of reviews over 15 different international casinos, such as  MyBet casino, Riva Casino, Europa Casino and 21 Grand, which are all favored amongst players in the region. Along with the reviews, you can also get some really good exclusive deals on selected casinos at! For the aspiring Spanish poker player, Juegos del Poker is probably one of the best places you can start off. This poker platform offers pretty much everything you will need to know: Explanations on how the game is played, interesting articles on how to improve your game and they also have a review section with carefully selected poker websites which all have a great reputation in the business, such as 888, Titanbet and Bet365. The reviews are very detailed compared to many other sites, which makes it much easier for you to compare them before making the decision of where you want to play. Are you looking for some of the best bonuses in the poker industry as well as articles on how to get your poker game to the next level? Well, you’ve come to the right place. is one of Latin Americas largest poker portals, providing some of the most useful strategy guides for Spanish speaking players. In addition to that, they also have a selection of casinos that they have reviewed based on a number of criteria, making the choice of where to play a bit easier for you. I addition to that, they can also offer exclusive deals with a number of popular poker sites, like PKR, Colossal Poker and PokerStars. Specialized on the Spanish market, which has recently been regulated, is really straightening out all the questions a Spanish poker player might have regarding the new laws on online gambling. Here you will find reviews over poker operators that have been accepted and licensed in Spain, such as Bet365, Titan Poker and other major brands, meaning that any site listed at is safe to play at. You will also find interesting articles on various subjects regarding poker, useful for both beginners as well as advanced poker players, such as strategy guides and general information. Definitely worth a visit if you can read Spanish. Poker Z is a classic internet poker portal in Spain, and probably one of the oldest sites since the new regulations were put into place about two years ago. Since then, Poker Z has helped Spanish poker players finding good, licensed websites to play at. These days, bonuses aren’t as easy to find as they were before, and for this, is a great resource. Here you’ll find exclusive deals on most of the major poker brands that are active in Spain today, including, Paradise poker and Partypoker, which are all popular sites to play on. To complete the package, the website also offers a lot of different articles that are useful for players on all different levels. Bingo has become very popular in Spain in the last couple of years, and with so many new players entering the scene, a website like is much needed. Not only have they reviewed the most popular bingo rooms on the Spanish market, but they have also managed to work out special bonus deals with many of them, which should give you a flying start in online bingo. For complete beginners in the game, has cleverly laid out a full guide to online bingo where you can pick up the basics of Bingo in just a few pages, making it an great place to start off at, especially for new players. As one of the main portals of the ever growing bingo market in Spain, has steadily increased it’s popularity amongst bingo players in the country, and it today considered to be one of the main bingo portals in the countries. With reviews, as well as exclusive deals, on major brands such as Botemania and Binguez, players are sure to find a good place to play. All the websites listed on are licensed and registered with the Spanish gambling authorities, so for a Spanish player it’s just to pick a site and start playing. New players will be pleased to find that they also provide some useful explanations on how the game of bingo is played. In terms of layout, design and usability, is one of the best bingo portals online in Spain today. The website is very easy to use, and I really like the fact that it’s very basic. Here you will find some good articles and guides to various subjects regarding bingo, but also a good selection of reviews over different bingo websites that are licensed in Spain. One of the best things about this website is the fact that they can offer special deals of up to 200% deposit bonuses on popular Spanish sites like Botemania and Bwin. If you are new to online bingo, is an excellent place to start! is one of the world’s largest online bingo review platforms, and it covers both the Spanish, Norwegian and Swedish markets, with a great set of reviews for each region. The starting page lets you select the region you are interested in, which is a great way of doing it, as the bingo operators in the regions you aren’t interested in will quickly be filtered away. It’s impressive to see the deals that they have managed to come up with for major brands such as BallonBingo, Aha Bingo and Botemania. There’s also a learning centre for beginners, with a lot of useful articles with important information on how to get started in the world of online bingo gaming. Apuestas Deportivas is a great place to visit if you are interested in sports betting and you’re from Spain. This website provides pretty much all you want to know about sports betting, and is a good place for both advanced punters as well as beginners. All the sites listed on this betting portal have been licensed by the Spanish Government and are authorized to operate within Spain. You’ll find sites like William Hill, Miapuesta and Lbapuestas in their review section, which has covered most of the popular bookmakers. They regularly put up new articles and blog posts about sports betting which always make the site seem fresh and updated! Laid out in a very user friendly way, Apuestas Deportivas has become one of the main hubs for sports betting in Spain. Given the fact that they have reviewed pretty much every popular bookmaker in the Spanish territory today, it’s no wonder that this is the place players go when they are looking for a new sportsbook. You’ll find exclusive promotions for brands such as Bet365 and GoldenPark which you aren’t likely to find anywhere else. A big plus is that all the sites listed on are regulated and licensed by the Spanish authorities, so that sports betters don’t have to look that up themselves. This is the website to visit when you want to keep updated on the Spanish Quiniela! Thousands of sports bettors visit Pronostico Quiniela to get updates before each round in the Quiniela, and the website is updated regularly during the season. What makes this site stand out is the fact that they also offer general betting guides and articles as well as special deals and reviews on some of Spain’s most loved betting sites, such as Miapuesta and William Hill. All in all it’s an easy to understand website which offers a ton of valuable material for anyone interested in Spanish football! Financial trading is the latest craze that have hit the world of online gambling. Although it might not be considered a full on gambling activity, it sure does attract the attention of a lot of online gamblers. Cambio Divisas is a Spanish website that offers a lot of different guides on Forex trading, which is the most popular form of trading online. You’ll learn everything from the basics of trading to more advanced stuff about risk management and similar things here. They have also reviewed quite a lot of different Forex brokers, such as TraderXP and, which should make it easier for you to decide on where you would want to start playing. is of Spain’s most popular trading portals. Specialized in binary options, which is the easiest way to trade online, have helped thousands of newcomers to get a flying start in the trading community. They make it easy for new traders to get started by providing every piece of information they need straight away: Tactical guides, basic explanations on how to execute trades and reviews of different binary brokers that are available. What’s even better than the reviews, is the fact that they have managed to work out special deals with many of the operators, meaning that you can save a lot of money on them! Click here for more info! Forex trading is probably one of the most popular ways of trading online, and the Forex market alone is the biggest market in the world with an unimaginable amount of money being traded every day. offers a complete package to new traders looking to learn. You’ll find guides covering most of the different branches of Forex trading, giving you an excellent start in the trading world. You’ll also find several great offers in their review section, where they have scored a large number of the world’s most popular Forex brokers, like Easy Forex and Plus500. I definitely recommend you to check this site out if you want to get into Forex trading. This is one of the first Binary Options portals to enter the scene since binary trading started to get really popular a couple of years ago. What I really like about this website is that they offer a full solution to anyone who wants to learn more about options trading. First of all, go through the beginners guides which should provide you with the basic facts, then move on to more advanced stuff. When you feel comfortable enough, browse through the review section which covers pretty much every popular Binary Broker, such as AnyOption, Stockpair and 24Option, in order to find a binary broker that suits you!